The Cure at the Hollywood Bowl

The Cure

May22, 2016

Sunday 6:30 pm

Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles

I think this was my seventh or eighth time seeing The Cure. My first time was back in 1983 at First Avenue in Minneapolis. Great show, excellent light show without dominating the excellent (extended) guitar riffs. I hope they will release a new collection of song as we are coming up to 10 years without a new album, Robert Smith has to be doing something…?

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TheMe Park

TheMe Park

Acrylic on canvas with mask

45” x 72”


TheMe Park was created as part of the “Initial View” series during the fall of 1987 through the summer of 1988. This series was shown in part at the Center for Contemporary Art in Chicago, January 1989. The Initial View series was autobiographical in nature using my initials JME as the compositional construct that contained personal data, tangible info and creative observations.

TheMe Park deals thematically with childhood and displacement. The underlying white layers include textual abbreviations of places I lived as a child and iconic forms of travel that symbolically is equated with home. There is a sense of yearning placated by an overall impression of melancholia; castles equated with smoke stacks. The palette is muted, derived from my skin tone, hair color and other bodily associations to create a self-portrait both inside and out. The mask functions to cover or disguise the content but also to point to a child’s hopes and dreams toward the future. TheMe Park was painted on 14th street near Union Station, New York City in the summer of 1988.

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