Moonlight Drive

Moonlight Drive, painted in 2013, is from the Atlas & Fantin series. It was shown in Miami in December, 2013 and later at Coagula Curatorial in Chinatown, Los Angeles, May 2014. As part of a series of collages that combine a spray & wash technique with the counter-space motif, “Moonlight Drive” features a unique mixture of silver and gold pigment. The painting was developed with a few preliminary studies and completed at my Mid-City studio in Los Angeles.

The painting was inspired by The Doors’ song of the same name.  It captures the feeling I get when I drive at night along the California coast on the 101. The paintings of James Ensor, Odilon Redon and Gustav Moreau also influenced “Moonlight Drive’s” ambiance.

As with many of the spray & wash collages, the raised “counter-space” components force the paint to take a circuitous route towards the bottom of the piece. The interaction of gravity and technique gives each work from this series its own emotional pull capturing the relationship between composition and fluidity. A closer look of the surface will allow the viewer to follow the nature of the washes and drips discovering bodily formations, jeweled ornamentation and astronomical connotations.

jonmarc edwards, 2015

Moonlight Drive Moonlight Drive small