Total Art – Market


JonMarc Edwards

MARKET in Silver Lake

612 Silver Lake Blvd., LA CA 90026

Sunday December 4, 2 -5pm

Gesamtkunstwerk [guhzahmtkoo nst-verk] translated as total work of art, is a work of art that makes use of all or many art forms or strives to do so. The term is a German word that has come to be accepted in English as a term in aesthetics.

In the show TOTAL ART JonMarc has applied this concept to the MARKET space by showing the viewer; a window installation, a mural-sized canvas from his youth, a soon-to-be-touring immersive installation, floor sculptures, new paintings, a gift shop and a café all within the 800 sq. ft. confines of the gallery.

TOTAL ART is a witty commentary on the “state of the art” but is also infused with serious conviction and issues to chew on.

For all ages. Unique, affordable art works and gifts available. Snacks, coffee & tea will be served!!

Total Art #1

Triptych August 1972

London Calling, an exhibition

July 26 – November 13, 2016 Getty Center

Triptych August 1972, Francis Bacon, oil on three canvases, 1972

If you have ever had the opportunity to see the film, Fox and Friends by Rainer Werner Fassbinder you know what it is like to feel the visceral repugnancy of slaughtered meat, but we watch between our fingers. Francis Bacon’s Triptych August 1972 has the same distancing allure as Fox and Friends. Triptych August 1972 is included in the series of “Black Triptychs” that Bacon painted during the early 1970’s in memory of his lover and model George Dyer. Garish pinks and mauves set against the forced perspective of cool grey’s and black symmetry create an atmosphere of foreboding and decay. Life and near death pause, succumb and disintegrate into the ether of unease.  

Triptych Bacon

Vin Scully Retires

Like most Angelenos everyone knows Vin Scully, the iconic broadcaster for the Los Angeles Dodgers. His amazing voice is recognized the world over. Working for the Dodger organization for 67 years, “Vinny” has witnessed so much in baseball, from the Jackie Robinson days to the move west from Brooklyn to Chavez Ravine, he could even distract us from the LA riots and earthquakes. The stories, the quintessential details of the stories, the strategies of the game within the game, the characters and the heroes of baseball could be reborn at any moment while watching or listening to the Dodgers. There was the communal bond you had with the team, the fans, families and friends alike sharing in his wealth of stories and information, an experience that we all savored but becoming rarer with each passing season. Vin Scully retired last week after broadcasting his final game October 2nd against the Giants in San Francisco. We had a year to prepare but of course that was still not enough time. It was even more bittersweet as the Guggenheim Group (as they are known) the owners of the Dodgers put their fans in a precarious situation in the last few years as they made a crazy financial “deal” that pitted the Time Warner / Charter cable company against 70% of the fan base. The fan base including me were unable to watch the beloved team on Cable much less TV. To do so Dodger fans would have to switch cable companies and pay higher premiums while some folks depending where you lived were unable to make that decision as the Dodger sponsored cable company was not even available in some areas. It’s a mess and Vin Scully is gone and it’s still going to be a mess. The whole greedy situation has turned me off… that a billion-dollar organization and a multibillion-dollar media conglomerate could turn their backs on 70% of the Dodger fan base for the last 3 years including Vin Scully’s final season was a terrible decision on their part. Few can watch them and younger potential fans have moved on to other sports or entertainment possibilities. And this may go on for the next 21 years of the contract or until the team becomes mediocre again… The point is, all this fuss, resentment, frustration and protest cannot bring Vin Scully back, he’s gone and enjoying retirement, but many fans lost a big part of their communal relationship / experience with the team and learned another hard lesson, money ball refers to the corporations that invest and run the MLB and there is little consideration for the everyday fan. So Long Vinny!

me and Vin 2 Vin Blog 1 Vin retires 3


Truth Painting; an excerpt

Excerpt from the article;

Embracing Art and Medicine written by Dan Gordon

David Geffen School of Medicine – Urology Update, Vol.27: No.4

On passing glance, it appears foreign, like a collection of characters in an Asian alphabet, its components sparingly echoed in the surrounding painterly chaos. But if we stop and stare long enough, the word slowly emerges in a grand thematic crescendo. And at the moment of epiphany, when truth finally articulates itself, the reflective material with which the artist chose to build the letters reminds us that our journey within has only just begun.

TRUTH, the work described above by Dr. Mark S. Litwin, UCLA Urology chair, was created by JonMarc Edwards, a Los Angeles artist best known for art that transforms composed writing into pictographic landscapes. Dr. Litwin commissioned his longtime friend to complete the three-dimensional piece, which hangs in a public space where it can be viewed by UCLA Urology patients.

“We wanted this to be not just nice to look at, but also something that would incorporate multiple levels of meaning so that patients who choose to look more closely will have something to think about, perhaps as a distraction from any anxiety they feel,” Mr. Edwards explains. “Using compressed text gives it an abstract appearance at first glance, but when you look a bit longer and break the code, you see that it’s legible. The big ‘truth’ is a mirrored piece of sculpture embedded onto the canvas, so that patients can see their own reflection and contemplate what truth means to them.”

Truth is the foundation on which the doctor-patient relationship is built, Mr. Edwards notes. Seeking truth is also central to the core mission of an academic medical center – striving to unravel the secrets of health and disease and working with trainees to build their skills, as well as serving individuals and populations in interpreting signs and symptoms while dissecting evidence to identify the right course of treatment.

“Art has the potential to take people away from the everyday,” Mr. Edwards says. “It can empower them with information and broaden their perspective.”

And the notion that art, in its many forms, has a place in a urology department is strongly held by Dr. Litwin. “Amid the ever-quickening pace of post-modern American life, words and letters often stream past in meaningless bytes, devoid of the inherent purpose of language,” he says. “This diminishes us. But JonMarc Edwards offers a solution. His sophisticated and engaging work captures our attention and demands that we pause to reconstruct fundamental concepts that are the building blocks of emotion, interaction and intimacy. In medicine, where we not only seek to heal but also to develop relationships with patients and their families, these concepts are at the heart of our work.”


Truth painting blogTrith Excerpt 1Truth excerpt Truth excerpt

Happy Sad Exhibition

August 6th, 5 – 9 (closing reception)

Happy / Sad, Opens July 8 – Aug 6th, 2016

MARKET in Silver Lake – 612 Silver Lake Blvd., LA CA 90026

Silver Lake

Join MARKET Saturday August 6th, 5 – 9pm for the closing reception to the highly amusing and critically exclaimed collection of Smiley paintings and other related works by JonMarc Edwards. Happy / Sad began as a set piece installation for the performance of d-i-g, showcased at MARKET July 8th. The installation expanded thereafter with an acute awareness to the famous Samuel Beckett quote, “Ever tried, Ever failed, No matter, Try again, Fail again.” Happy / Sad spans the emotional landscape from the cheerfully unconcerned to the mordantly provocative. The archived performance of d-i-g will also be available for viewing.

Happy Apprehensive

Happy / Apprehensive 2016 Artificial Turf, Button, Lemon

Happy Sad Install

Happy Sad Installation, Mixed media & small painting 2018

Smiley Group Purple

Smiley Group Purple Acrylic, Canvas, Buttons 2016

Fogg Museum

I always enjoy going to the Fogg Museum in Cambridge, Ma. The historic stone building has been recently renovated incorporating a light and airy architectural addition creating great natural lighting; it is perfect for paintings and sculptures. Also you are able to see museum staff and conservators in the workplace at the higher levels of the building repairing or studying a variety of art works. The collection itself has many familiar gems with great transition pieces of well-known artists. As I have been to this museum many times I can now go to a specific area of the Fogg and focus on a few pieces or time period rather than strolling through the whole museum without taking time to concentrate on lesser known works. Make sure you stop by while in Boston.



François Boucher  Marquis de Pompadour 1750. oil on canvas

Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch Winter Landscape 1915 Oil on canvas

Fogg Museum

Renovated section of Fogg Museum

Paul Klee

Paul Klee Hot Pursuit 1939 Colored paste and oil on paper on jute

d-i-g dance-installation-group

d-i-g dance-installation-group

friday july 8th, 8:30pm

concept by gayle fekete, jennifer gerry – artwork by jonmarc edwards

Los Angeles, CA (June 28, 2016) – Los Angeles based artists Gayle Fekete & Jennifer Gerry present d-i-g, dance installation at MARKET, a new exhibition venue in Silverlake on july 8th, 2016. The performance begins at 8:30 pm

d-i-g provides an evening of performance installation, channeling ritual, memory, and shift – happy/sad – green – transition – plot – opposite emotions –

 in original or untreated states –
to undergo a process – the main event

8:30 pm happy/sad preshow – event at 9:00 pm

 MARKET in Silver Lake is located at 612 Silver Lake Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90026 (Cross street is Bellevue, 2 blocks N. off the 101 Silver Lake exit).

IMG_4957 IMG_4960 IMG_4982 IMG_5312

The Cure at the Hollywood Bowl

The Cure

May22, 2016

Sunday 6:30 pm

Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles

I think this was my seventh or eighth time seeing The Cure. My first time was back in 1983 at First Avenue in Minneapolis. Great show, excellent light show without dominating the excellent (extended) guitar riffs. I hope they will release a new collection of song as we are coming up to 10 years without a new album, Robert Smith has to be doing something…?

The Cure Spiderman The Forest

TheMe Park

TheMe Park

Acrylic on canvas with mask

45” x 72”


TheMe Park was created as part of the “Initial View” series during the fall of 1987 through the summer of 1988. This series was shown in part at the Center for Contemporary Art in Chicago, January 1989. The Initial View series was autobiographical in nature using my initials JME as the compositional construct that contained personal data, tangible info and creative observations.

TheMe Park deals thematically with childhood and displacement. The underlying white layers include textual abbreviations of places I lived as a child and iconic forms of travel that symbolically is equated with home. There is a sense of yearning placated by an overall impression of melancholia; castles equated with smoke stacks. The palette is muted, derived from my skin tone, hair color and other bodily associations to create a self-portrait both inside and out. The mask functions to cover or disguise the content but also to point to a child’s hopes and dreams toward the future. TheMe Park was painted on 14th street near Union Station, New York City in the summer of 1988.

theme park