My 1st Art Exhibit

My 1st art show experience was in kindergarten at the Hunt Branch of the Fullerton Public Library. It was an “end of school year exhibition” for the art classes of Pacific Drive Elementary School. At the time the Library was less than 2 years old. William Pereira the same architect of the Transamerica Pyramid, LACMA and LAX (to name a few) designed the library; ultra modern, glass with modular motifs. My work on paper, “Boy” was placed on an easel and greeted visitors as they walked in introducing the show of all the major works from K through 6th grade. My Teacher, Ms. Kroat, was a strong supporter of mine. She appreciated my “forked” left hand calling it symbolic to all the left-handed kids who were constantly under attack (back in those days) to change and use their right hand instead of their left.

Boy from Pacific Drive 1964

Boy, 1964

Fullerton Public Library

Fullerton Public Library, 2012




White Out!


If you have seen the Sunset Pacific Motel (Bates Motel) on Sunset Blvd & Bates Ave. transformed to white recently by French artist Vincent Lamouroux I suggest “whiting-out” the half constructed Target mess on Sunset & Western.

target white out