Sandwich Stops

The old Columbine (the name was always debatable) sandwich shop closed in Tribeca only to be replaced next door as Cafe Clementine sandwich shop. Back then the crowds would line-up, out the door (even in cold weather) due to the limited capacity of the shop. Now seems the larger confines has made it too accessible and much more mechanized with flat screens and point of purchase sandwiches. Time flies…


Columbine & Clemtine


The Armory Show and MOMA benefit

The Armory Show VIP opening with the MOMA benefit gala was a buttoned-down affair with a few bouts of electricity and tasty hors d oeuvres. I enjoyed the complementary shuttle service from venue to venue but the pier shows were “conventional” by NYC standards. I don’t have an answer for it. Having been to and in my share of art fairs I gravitate to the ones that book live performance artists doing their art while art guests shudder and scrabble away or get invested and go with it. I realize their are many peripheral activities and events to go with the fair, commendable. This is my impressions on the opening night specifically. No edge, no trouble.


DJ Jamie xx